Scuba Tank Holder

The First Patented Inflatable Scuba Tank Holder

Tank Titan is a remarkable product that was developed out of necessity.
there are many dive tank holders on the market today, and even plans to build your own scuba tank holders, but Tank Titan is different.
This is a durable and easy to manage solution for your boat and your truck.scuba-tank-holder

Tank Titan was developed with ease of use and ease of storage when your not using it.
Each unit has padded discs that go into the bottom to prevent heavy scuba tanks from damaging your boat or puncturing the unit.
Each Tank Titan comes with a foot pump to easily inflate the unit, as well as a  storage bag to carry or store everything.

Tank Titan is made from a heavy PVC material much like a zodiac boat. This ensures that Tank Titan will last.
If you spend much time diving, then you probably understand the need for our product.
Tank Titan protects your boat and your passengers from the risk of scuba tanks rolling around and damaging your boat or worse, causing injury to one of your passengers.

Many of the scuba tank holders on the market today require installation. Screwing into your boat or mounting other hardware in order to keep them stable.
Tank Titan on the other hand is very simple to setup and use.

Simply inflate the unit with the provided foot pump.

Place the discs into the bottom of the Tank Titan



Secure the unit with bungee cord’s or rope


Thats it! now you can safely navigate without worrying about your scuba tanks rolling all over the place.
When you are done, simply deflate the unit and store the Tank Titan along with the foot pump inside of the provided bag for storage.

Tank Titan is Easy to Use





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