November 25, 2014 2014 DEMA Show

November 25, 2014

2014 DEMA Show

GulfStream Marine Products just returned from the 2014 DEMA Show (Diving Equipment And Marketing Association), where the two (2) tank Tank Titan model and the AirChair was introduced. As many of you know our manufacturer had a factory fire last January and we lost all of our inventory and tooling. We have spent the last 9 months identifying a new manufacturer, testing prototypes, and improving the design. We are currently in production and anticipate inventory in Florida by mid January 2015. The 2014 Show was a great success, we identified a number of distributors worldwide, and structured distribution with many dive shops. There were a number of retail buyers present at the show who told us the Tank Titan has solved their scuba tank holder issue. An unbelievable amount of people stopped by the booth and told us tales of homemade dive tank racks and how difficult it is to store and transport scuba tanks.

The AirChair generated a great deal of interest from wholesale and retail buyers alike. It’s the first portable seating that is not only comfortable, but super user friendly. When you get to your destination or your done for the day, open 3 valves and the AirChair deflates in seconds, folds up, placed in the mesh storage bag, and is out of your way.

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