Introducing the First Inflatable Dive Tank Holder

Air Chair User Guide

Inflate the left & right zones by inserting air pump into top of inflation / deflation valve, inflate to a firm feel only. NOTE: DO NOT OVERINFLATE OR UNIT MAY BE A DAMAGED (see pic 1).


Located at the base of the AirChair is the Optional Water Stabilizing / Ride Dampening fill valve.  Fill with 1-3 gallons of water & close valve cap.  This will add weight & stability, along with a softer ride, the amount of water vs air will allow for maximum ride comfort adjustment (see pic 2).


Next, inflate center zone to a firm feel.  NOTE: DO NOT OVER INFLATE OR UNIT MAY BE PERMANENTLY DAMAGED (See pic 3).


Note: Located on each side of the AirChair are Tie Down / Support Rings that can be used for additional support.

After use, open Water Stabilizing valve first to ensure complete draining.  Rinse unit with fresh water & air or towel dry.  Then unthread the bottom portion of remaining 3 valves for complete deflation.

Fold AirChair & place in Storage Bag along with air pump and store in a cool dry place.

Air Chair Warranty & Warning

This product has been manufactured and tested to the highest standards by Gulfstream Marine Products LLC.  This Limited Warranty covers defects in material or workmanship for a period of 1 year from date of purchase.  This warranty extends to the original purchaser only and is non-transferable.  Only consumers purchasing AirChair products from authorized retailers, resellers, or the AirChair website may obtain coverage under our limited warranty.  Our limited warranties are void if product is returned tampered or altered in any way.  If the product has been determined to have defects in material or workmanship you will be responsible for replacement shipping & handling charges.  All claims must be accompanied by the original receipt.

Product Not to Be Used As a Life Saving Device

Product Not To Be Used In the Water

Adjust Speed of Vessel According To Sea Conditions & Secure AirChair to Vessel

Do Not Make Sudden or Sharp Turns & Hold On To a Secure Part of Vessel

Inflate To A Firm Feel Only (DO NOT OVERINFLATE)

Failure to Follow User Guide Application & Safety Instructions Could Result In Serious Injury or Death

Air Chair Maintenance

After use, clean debris from your AirChair by wiping it off or spraying it with fresh water. This is especially important if it has been used in salt water, or in an area where there has been exposure to oil or gasoline.
Never use harsh detergents to clean the AirChair. If you need more than water, use dish­washing detergent or a similarly mild cleansing agent.
Dry your AirChair and store it DEFLATED, in a cool, dry area.

Air Chair Repairs

Your AirChair is made of very durable materials; but you may get an occasional puncture. A repair kit is included. To patch your AirChair, take the follow­ing steps:

1. Clean the area around the hole to remove any foreign matter. Mild detergent should suffice.
2. Cut a patch (round or oval shaped) from the patching material included in the repair kit. The patch must be somewhat larger than the hole.
3. Apply thin layer of glue to the patch and the area around the hole. Allow the glue to set on each for about 1 minute.
4. Position the patch over the hole and press down firmly on a flat surface. Remove any trapped air by rubbing the patch from the center outward.
5. Wait 24 hours to reflate your AirChair.