Introducing the First Inflatable Dive Tank Holder


The Tank Titan dive tank storage and transportation unit was developed after we heard a number of recreation divers, commercial divers, and everyday boaters in south Florida tell us that they wish there was a better way to bring 4 – 6 dive tanks on their boats.  The dive tank holders and racks currently on the market either require drilling holes in your boat, and attaching permanent hardware, or are made of hard plastics and/or metal that can be tough on the deck and your toes.  We also saw a lot of guys just laying the dive tanks right on the deck, which caused chips and scratches, not mention can be dangerous when the seas kick up.

So we decided to design a rugged, durable, light weight, and boat friendly tank holder, that could be used on virtually any boat, and be easy to store.  Over the course of 2 years we were able to partner with a company that could construct our product out of a heavy duty “P.V.C. Blend” material (similar to the material used to build inflatable life rafts).  By creating an inflatable design we are able to utilize the natural shock absorbing and cushioning effects of a compressed gas, and still have a soft feel.

The end result is every boater can feel comfortable about safely transporting dive tanks to and from your favorite reef, wreck, or lobster hole, while protecting the interior of your boat.